Spirit of the Living God, Hymn Lyrics

1.  mp Spirit of the Living God,
Fall on us now, who are Yours,
With anointing from above,
Do mighty things among us,
cr Spirit of the Living God,
Give us grace to speak Your word
Touch our hearts with holy fire,
Dispel evils from the world

2. f Spirit of the Living God,
Those in bondage, set them free,
Let them smile, faces that frown,
Proclaim days of jubilee,
p Spirit of the Living God
Come with healing in Your wings,
With soothing balm for our pains
Let joy of salvation ring,

3. f Spirit of the Living God,
Give us comfort, give us grace,
And make us agents of change,
Here, and every other place,
Spirit of the living God,
Sanctify us for service;
As we journey through this life;
Your face only, we shall seek. Amen

[Fred Akpata]

Worship hymn


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