Tinubu Presented Budget of Empty Boxes to the National Assembly


Members of the National Assembly has expressed their displeasure over the empty boxes presented to them by President Bola Tinubu during his first budget proposal of N27.5 trillion.

President Tinubu presented “empty boxes” of 2024 budget to the National Assembly, according to report by Yusuf Galambi,  member of the NNPP representing Gwaram Federal Constituency of Jigawa State.

“If he (Mr Tinubu) was not ready, if the budget proposal was not ready to be presented, he shouldn’t have come and said he was done. We could have given him more time, why the haste? Why would he come and read something and even say he has kept it (document) when it’s empty,” he said.

Also, I spoke with a Nigerian senator last night to get the detail of sectoral allocations in Tinubu’s 2024 budget. To my surprise, he said the president came with an EMPTY case! “We sat yesterday to discuss the general principles of the budget but nobody got a copy. The truth is that the president came with an empty case,” he said.

Although, the principal officers of the National Assembly are yet to speak out, patiently waiting for a positive response from the Presidency to cover the shame of the empty boxes presented to them.

The President historic budget presented was held on Wednesday 29 November to the Joint Session of the National Assembly in Abuja, titled Renewed Hope Budget.

It covers major economic recovery plan of the Tinubu-led APC government in Nigeria in the area of job creation, economic and infrastructural development.

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