Ubuy Network Shut Down Operations as Ponzi Scheme Crashes


Ubuy online business network has crashed as operator shutdown withdrawal of fund after receiving much payment in less than one week.

Ubuy partners were unable to made withdrawal on Friday as the operator placed them under compulsory signing of agreement that cost N23,000.


As a ponzi scheme, operators will always use different method to scam the public, and Ubuy is not different. Online business has high risk if you eventually invest more than your capacity.

FOB News has several given hint to the public on how to handle online business, especially ponzi scheme that target people with little knowledge about it.

Ponzi scheme may pay their members at the initial stage, but the end result is always scam and deceits, after making or reaching their expected target.

Beware of online business and NEVER invest above your capacity or borrow to invest into it. The end of every ponzi scheme is disappointment, except the first set of investors.

The coming is full of many ponzi scheme projects that may look appealing to invest in, but invest wisely.

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