Betta Edu Suspension: How Reliable are Nigerians Women in Politics

Betta Edu

The sad news of the suspension of Dr Betta Edu on January 8 by President Bola Tinubu based on fraudulent financial scandal has sadden the expectations of Nigerian youths.

Betta Edu has been one of the top minister in the cabinet of President Bola Tinubu whom people hold in high esteem due to her age and political track records.

Edu was suspended as a result of misappropriation of fund in the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, to the tune of N585 million, paid into private account, against the constitutional provision of public office holders.

Recall that she appointed in August 2023 when President Bola Tinubu inaugurated his cabinet consisting of 43 ministers.

Similarly, the immediate past minister of the ministry, Sadiya Farouk has also been invited by EFCC for questioning over transfer of over N30 billion as contract claims.

The role of these two women in politics have berated the expectation bestowed on young politicians in Nigeria, especially the women, that they lack merit and accountability to discharge their duties faithfully.

Tunji-Ojo, the minister of Interior has equally taken advantage of the fraudulent activities in the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, by using his own company to bid for contracts, while serving in the same government. As exposed by Betta Edu during interrogation with the anti-graft agency in Abuja.

These are indications that the Tinubu APC-led government is mismanaging the public fund available to the masses for self-gratification without shame and regards.

Nigerian women in politics must rise up to curb the increasing financial scandals, arising from their offices around the country, the richest nation in the world.

The APC-led government of Bola Tinubu must account for the declining economic situation of Nigerians, with increasing debts profile and uncontrollable exchange rate.

There is need for review of all ministry contracts, with a view of regulating their spending to avert the hardship of the people.

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