Delta PDP Aspirants for Udu Council Chairmanship Election

Udu election
Notable names of chairmanship aspirants for the 2024 Udu Local Government chairman election under the auspices of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP.

  1. Chief Adams Akpominigbo
  2. Chief Oghenero Ogbeferere
  3. Chief Luke Djebah
  4. Hon. Emmanuel Kpomanefe
  5. Hon. Joseph Chojah
  6. Hon. Gideon Orugbo
  7. Mr. Efeturi Onosorhue
  8. Hon. Daniel Jigbale
  9. Right Hon. Emmanuel Owholo
  10. Hon. Peter Ogbavweni
  11. Hon. Voke Bukata
  12. Chief Frank Magamu
  13. Mr. Oscar Ishaka
  14. Hon. Bishop Dr. Alfred Okubio
  15. Chief Hon. Donald Brosu
  16. Mr. Clement Mudi
  17. Prince Eric Takerere

Still Counting

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