Fortune 2024 Prophetic Lifelines for Winners Family

fortune 2024

The 25 prophetic lifelines of Living Faith Church, a.k.a. Winners Chapel for the year 2024 with the yearly theme: Fortune 2024.

Winners across the globe are expected to personalized these prophetic lifelines all through the year 2024, heralding the flourishing times of the Saints.

1. 2024 shall be a year of next level spiritual breakthrough for every Winner. Romans 8: 6, 1 Timothy 4: 7 – 8.

2. In 2024 the siege of misfortune shall be over in every Winner’s life – Genesis 12: 1-3

3. 2024 shall be a year of Isaac order of enviable turnaround for every winner. Genesis 26:12 – 14/Galatians 4:28 

4. 2024 shall be a year of unending shouts of Joy as we continue to favour His righteous cause. Psalm 35: 27.

5. 2024 shall a year of fearful favour for every winner as we continue to take pleasure in the matters of the Kingdom. Psalm. 102: 13-15.

6. 2024 shall be a year of all round rest as every Winner enters and sustains his place in the covenant of Stewardship. 2 Chr. 1 15: 12 – 15.

7. 2024 shall be the year of supernational enlargement for every winner as we keep giving thanks and praise to God in and out of season. Isa.
54: 1-4 /2 Tim. 4: 2.

8. Every Winner shall be satisfied with favour after the order of Naphtali  in 2024. Deuteronomy. 33:23.

9. Every Winner shall dip his/her foot in oil after the order of Asher in 2024. Deuteronomy. 33: 24 – 25.

10. 2024 shall be a year of supernatural flight for every Winner as we saw in David. 1 Samuel 16: 21-22/ 1 Samuel 17:32 – 50

11. 2024 shall be a year of release for every Winner that will mark the end of servitude and slavery in any form – Deuteronomy 15: 1- 6/7-11

12. In 2024 there shall re-enactment of the explosive dimension of church growth of 2015 in all our churches worldwide in terms of speed of delivery. Isa. 66: 7-8/ Jeremiah 30: 19-21 

13. In 2024 there shall be a repeat of the wonder double cell replication of 2021 across our Churches globally at heaven’ s speed. Lam. 3:37.

14. in 2024 this commission shall be stepping into fearful realms of breakthrough as we continue to walk in the light of scriptures in 2024. John 12: 35/ Eph. 5: 8

15. Every local assembly this commission shall be minimum double in attendance of 2023 records on or before the end of the first half of 2024. Act. 6: 7.

16. The WSF platform of every local assembly in this commission shall be minimum double her current size both in attendance and number of cell locations in 2024. Acts 5: 32.

17. The strange acts and the strange works at God shall be evident in both Faith Academy and Kingdom Heritage network of schools across board in 2024. Isaiah 28: 21 – 22.

18. Both ‘Covenant and Landmark ‘Universities shall yet be scaling higher heights in 2024 that shall humble world-class universities by reason of divine presence. Zeph. 3: 17/19 – 20.

19. In 2024, the Word of fire shall be going forth from the altar of every local assembly in this commission leading to massive ‘conversion and transformation of Worshippers. Jer. 23: :29/ Jer. 20:9/ Acts 2: 29.

20. All through 2024, the healing river shall continue to flow on our altar across the nations bringing about the healing of all manner of sickness and disease among worshippers Mat. 4:23/ Mat. 10:1/Luke 9: 1-2/6.

21. In 2024, God shall be launching this commission to a new phase of ministry
with increased global impact Micah 4:1 – 2.

22. In 2024, death shall be swallowed up in victory in this commission globally.
Isa. 25: 6-8/ Isa. 65:20 – 24/1 Cor. 15: 54.

23. The peace of God that passes all knowledge shall be our experience both as a church and as individuals in 2024. 2 Chr. 15: 12-15/19

24. 2024 shall be a year of good news only for us both as a commission and as individuals. Isaiah 60:17-20

25. All that we shall be nearing all through 2024 shall be congratulations every month of the year both as a Church and as individuals. Psalm 30: 11- 12.

Jesus is Lord!


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