Great is He, the God of Ages Hymn

1. f Great is He, the God of ages,
Blessèd be His Holy Name.
Wisdom, power are His forever,
Lord of honour and of fame.

2. Through His Word, Himself revealèd
, And all that He created.
The constellation that gives light,
And stars that are numberless

3. mf He ordered the changing seasons,
Days and nights rolling to years,
Times of drought and rain,
cold and warmth
All for us, for whom He cares.

4. The vast seas, like bowls of waters,
Free space and windy forces,
Plains and mounts, their underbellies
Pregnant with mine resources.

5. f He gives knowledge of hidden things,
To man with understanding,
We know what is in the darkness,
For, He gives the reasoning.

6. ff O Ancient of Days, we praise You
The Lord of eternity,
Now, we raise our hearts and voices,
O God, One in Trinity. Amen

[Fred Akpata]


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