Hymn: Let us extol those mighty works

1. Let us extol those mighty works
Which God did in days of old,
Which we now see in our own age,
And those which our fathers told.
He made the heaven and the earth,
And all the things which they hold,
Rich resources on the surface,
Beneath which the rocks are fold.

2. Life that moves in cells and tissues
In each plant and animal,
These phenomenon we don’t know,
Though we count them as normal.
The vast seas and all they contain,
Things, to man are unusual,
The firmament around the sphere,
Offers wide panorama.

3. The order of light and darkness,
Which arranges day and night,
The heavens radiate Your glory,
Which is a befitting sight.
You made man in Your own image,
Lord of power and Lord of might.
We will praise You for evermore,
You, who to the world is Light. Amen

[Ola Akanbi]


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