It is Meet to Bring our Praises To our God

1. It is meet to bring our praises
To our God, the Lord Most High,
Who shows forth His loving-kindness
On earth, in sea, in the sky.
His grace is shown in stars of night
Of His majesty to tell,
Choirs with sweet, melodious praises
Songs of adoration swell.

2. God who fills my heart with gladness
Our salvation, He has wrought
The Lord who won for us victory
Great is His love, deep His thought.
The Lord is highly exalted,
Who reigns evermore in might;
All His enemies shall perish,
And be banished from His sight

3. Before our God the good shall live
Like plants in His dwelling place,
Fruitful trees and ever verdant,
Nourished by His boundless grace.
In His goodness to the righteous
God His righteousness displays;
God my Rock, my Strength, my refuge,
Just and true are all His ways. Amen

[Ade Orija]


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