Make music in your hearts with one accord Unto the Lord

1. Make music in your hearts with one accord
Unto the Lord of all the universe,
Sing psalms and hymns and songs
with tuneful chords
In your prayers and praises, when
you converse
Clap your hands in joy, He to us affords.

2. Unite together in one voice of praise,
Let the organ leads the sweet melody,
Roll out the drums,
and set the dancing pace
The winds and strings to
form the symphony,
The joy of jubilee filling this place.

3. f Sing to the Lord a new song on the flutes
Praise Him with the instruments of Jubal,
Playing on the tambourines and the lutes
And the deep throaty sounds of the tuba,
Let voices combine, Lord’s glory salute.

4. In the choir stall sing with jubilant tones,
With diverse voices, forming harmony,
And so in concord, and on chordophones,
And in rendering our choicest psalmody
Be tools for noble purposes alone.

5. ff Christ the Lord is our music, and our theme
In Him alone we are in tune with God,
He sets the tempo, the pitch and rhythm,
Of our songs in the measure of His word,
And so He is our psalm
and song and hymn Amen

[Bola Omodun Ilori].


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