O Boundless Realms of Joy Hymn

1. O boundless realms of joy
Exalt your Master’s fame
His praise your song employ
Above the starry frame.
Your voices raise, ye Cherubim,
And Seraphim, to sing His praise.

2. Let them adore the Lord
And praise His Holy Name
By Whose Almighty Word
They all from nothing came.
And all shall last, from changes free,
His firm decree, stands ever fast.

3. mp O moon that rules the night,
And sun that guides the day,
O glittering stars of light
To Him your homage pay.
dim His praise declare, you, heavens above
p And clouds that move in liquid air.

4. cr To God, the Father, Son
And Spirit ever blessed,
Eternal Three in One,
f All worship be addressed:
Let ceaseless praise, to God be given
ff By all on earth, and all in heaven. Amen

[Tate and Brady]


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