Raise the Psalm, Let Earth Adoring

1. Raise the psalm, let earth adoring
Through each kindred, tribe and tongue
To her God, His praise restoring
Raise the new accordant song.
f Bless His name, each farthest nation,
Sing His praise, His truth display,
Tell anew His high salvation,
With each new return of day.

2. Tell it out beneath the heaven,
To each kindred, tribe and tongue,
Tell it out from morn till even,
In your unexhausted song,
Tell that God is ever reigning
He, who set the world so fast.
He who still its state sustaining,
Till the day of doom to last.

3. Tell them that the day is coming,
When that righteous doom shall be:
Then shall heaven new joy illumine
Gladness shine o’er earth and sea;
Yea, the far-resounding ocean
Shall its thousand voices raise,
All its waves in glad commotion
Chant the fullness of His praise. Amen

[Edward Churton]

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