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Blue Sea Savings and Loan

Blue Sea Savings is a Nigerian registered financial service provider aimed at creating saving culture, financial literacy and business empowerment.

Blue Sea Savings, BSS is a financial and loan service home where members can access multiple loans to enhance their business and financial needs.

Blue Sea Savings members enjoy financial support in loans and micro credit to enhance their personal and business endeavours.

BSS is the acronym of Blue Sea Savings, as a credit and loan service home, a Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society where members can access money to meet their financial goals and target.

BSS Ltd is a multi-purpose co-operative society registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission RC: 7321035 and duly registered with the State Cooperative Affairs.

To be a leading business empowerment platform in Nigeria.

To promote savings culture and financial literacy aimed at enhancing life transformation agenda, business and economic enhancement and eradication of poverty in our society.

Core Services
  • Weekly and monthly Savings
  • Student Loan
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Loan
  • Investment with capital interest
Register members can access loan comfortably without barrier, in regard to weekly capital contribution of investment according to your capacity.

Blue Sea Savings operates 3x loan system, ie. members can access times 3 of their capital with 5% interest spread across 50 weeks. Members are at liberty to return their loan on a yearly basis.

Blue Sea Savings is a legal business with membership strength across major cities in Nigeria and capitals are entrusted in good hands.
For Registration and Enquiry
For registration, loan and enquiries, kindly reach us
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