ECOWAS Careers Recruitment


Available jobs at the ECOWAS headquarters Abuja and other member states ranging from administrative, telecom, education, sport, trade, economic and human resources.

For further and thorough effective implementation of its sectoral programmes, ECOWAS specialized agencies and institutions including the Community Court of Justice, the ECOWAS Parliament, the West African Health Organization (WAHO) and the Intergovernmental Action Group against Money Laundering (GIABA) wishes to recruit qualified and capable, national candidates from ECOWAS Member States in the following areas:
  • General Administration, Conferences, Finance; Human Resources Management,
  • Macroeconomic policies, Economic Research, Infrastructure,
  • Trade, Customs, Free Movement, Industry and Promotion of the Private Sector
  • Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resources, Health, Animal Health
  • Political Affairs, Peace, Security, Social Affairs and Gender
  • Education, Science and Culture, Youth and Sport Development
  • Telecommunications and Information Technologies
  • Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
  • International Relations, Diplomacy, Legal Affairs
  • Monitoring and evaluation, Strategic management, Strategic planning
  • Mining, Energy, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency

Recruitment Requirement and Guidelines 
Applicants are kindly requested to visit the ECOWAS website regularly, and download the application form and fill it out correctly;

Attach a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a motivation letter in addition to the completed application form and send all the above mentioned documents to the related e-mail addresses attached to each of the available positions.

Ensure you read the details of each of the available jobs and locate the e-mail address specified  for the position.

Duration: The application commences 5th February and ends 3rd March, 2024

Available Jobs
Below are the various opportunities at ECOWAS and their corresponding locations.
  • Programme Officer Convergence And Ecowas Report, Nigeria
  • Training Officer, Nigeria
  • Staff Welfare Officer (In-house Doctor), Nigeria
  • Senior HR Assistant Data Management, Nigeria
  • Recruitment Officer (2), Nigeria
  • Programme Officer, Trade Facilitation, Nigeria
  • Programme Officer, Relations with ECOWAS Bureaux and Regional Intergovernmental Organizations, Nigeria
  • Programme Officer Regulatory Coordination, Nigeria
  • Programme Officer Public Debt – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer (PO) Postal Policy – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer, Migration – Nigeria
  • Program Officer Internet and Cybersecurity – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer Inter-Institutional Cooperation – Nigeria
  • PO, Institutional Framework – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer, Head of Observatory – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer External And Monetary Sector – Nigeria
  • Environment and Natural Resources – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer Data Management – Nigeria
  • Program Officer, Crime and Criminality Security – Nigeria
  • PO, Capacity Support and Best Practices – Nigeria
  • PO, Agriculture & Environment X 2 – Nigeria
  • Office Manager (Bilingual Secretary) – Nigeria
  • Employee Relations Officer – Nigeria
  • Program Officer – Benefits Officer – Nigeria
  • Accounting Assistant – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer, Women, Peace & Security & Civil Society   – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer Labour Migration   – Nigeria
  • Programme Officer, Capacity Building, Private Sector and Coordination – Nigeria
  • PO, Human Rights – Nigeria
  • PO, Corruption And Accountability – Nigeria
  • Principal Programme Officer (PPO) Telecommunications & Post Policy and Regulation – Nigeria
  • Principal Program Officer / Head Of Division Agriculture – Nigeria
  • Principal Accountant – Disbursements  – Nigeria
  • Principal Accountant Budget & Treasury  – Nigeria
  • Principal Programme Officer Trade Policy, Negotiation & Promotion – Nigeria
  • Principal Programme Officer – Trade Facilitation and Development – Nigeria
  • Principal Programme Officer Statistical Harmonization and Data Management – Nigeria
  • Principal Program Officer, Planning, Programming and Coordination – Nigeria
  • Principal Programme Officer, Industry Development and Technology – Nigeria
  • PPO, Electoral Assistance  – Nigeria
  • PPO Business and Enterprise Promotion – Nigeria
  • Principal Program Officer / Head Of Division Animal Resources Development – Nigeria
  • Director, Macroeconomic Stability and Multilateral Surveillance – Nigeria
  • Director Environment and Natural Resources – Nigeria
  • Director, Early Warning – Nigeria
  • Principal Programme Officer, Human Security & Civil Society Organization – Nigeria
  • Principal Programme Officer, Relations with ECOWAS Member States – Nigeria
  • Head of Administration and Finance – Bamako
  • Accounting Assistant – Bamako
  • Executive Director – Bamako
  • Principal Officer, Administration & Human Resources – GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • Programme Officer, Mergers & Acquisition – GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • Planning and M &E Officer –  GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • Legal Officer – Enforcement – GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • Principal Finance Officer –  GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • IT & Communication Officer –  GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • Investigation Officer –  GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • Compliance Officer – GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • PPO Legal, Investigation, Compliance & Enforcement – GAMBIA, BANJUL
  • Secretary General – Nigeria
  • Assistant Programme Officer –  Lomé – Togo
  • Office Aid –  Lomé – Togo
  • Director of the PPDU –  Lomé – Togo
  • Translator (03) –  Lomé – Togo
  • Revisor (2) –  Lomé – Togo
  • Procurement Officer –  Lomé – Togo
  • P O Accountant – Lomé – Togo
  • Programme Assistant, Environment and Natural Resources, Lomé – Togo
  • Regional Food Security Stock Management, Lomé – Togo
  • Head of Technical Operations Division, Lomé – Togo
  • Head of Food Security Reserve,  Lomé – Togo
  • Executive Director,  Lomé – Togo
  • Employee Relations Officer,  Nigeria
Potential candidates must be under 50 years of age. Female applications are encouraged. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applications initially submitted with only the CV remain acceptable.

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