Nigeria Police Online Digitalization Process Portable

All serving Nigeria police officers are to visit the digitalization portal to complete the online registration form within six weeks and upload all necessary documents.

The online portal will be open for the period of ten (6) weeks from 1st February, 2024 to 7th March 2024 via (, where all serving police officers nationwide will complete the online forms and submit through the same process using their mobile phones or computers. (Advisably go to Computer office at State Command).

The registration requirements for the Online portal are as follows:

  1. The individual must be an officer of the Nigeria Police Force, or civilian staff working under NPF
  2. The individual must have a valid and working email.
  3. The Officer must be in possession of National Identification Number (NIN)/IPPIS number.
  4. The Officer must upload evidence of his/her Academic Qualifications.
  5. The Officer must scan all his/her Promotion signals from the date of entry to date.
  6. The Officer must scan all his/her Transfer signals from the date of entry to date.
  7. The Officer must scan all his/her all course certificates (if any) from the date of entry to date.
  8. The Officer must print evidence of his/her form after registration.

Automated Physical Authentication Exercise
After closing of the portal, immediately an Ad-hoc screening Committee will be formed to Screen all the documents submitted on the portal for authentication and biometric capturing using a customized device (FP07 Rugged Tablet) where FCT and Force Headquarters personnel will serve as pilot commands.

All Police Officers must open files which will contain all their credentials and other relevant forms right from the stage of physical Authentication to the last stage of the exercise. The documents and the information contained therein shall be same with the one submitted online.

The police smart force portal was open in February 2024 to update the Nigeria Police officers database for online processes of all related matters.


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  1. Anonymous

    That's good idea Sir. We ready to fill the form right now.

  2. Anonymous

    Its a good development, may God help us amen

  3. Anonymous

    The network is very bad pls work on it Sir.

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  7. Anonymous

    Can't reset password

  8. Anonymous

    Please I have been trying to sign in but I couldn't, what I will in reply is that there is already account with my ippis number. What should I do please help

  9. Anonymous

    Exercise patience, kindly clear your browsing cache and login again.

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