15 Points Nigeria Ladies are Looking After in Every Man


A young talented Nigeria lady, Deborah has listed what ladies are actually looking for in a man before they can say I do or walk down the aisle.

She mentioned 15 points which include physical, health, economic and social life of men, who will give them comfort in a home. But she failed to mention what men are also looking for in a lady apart what they will enjoy from them.
  1. Tall
  2. Doing well for himself
  3. Fine/Handsome
  4. Has a Car
  5. has a small house
  6. Can pay my bills
  7. 6 packs/fit
  8. Educated
  9. Smart/Funny
  10. Kind/generous
  11. Is Employed
  12. Does not smoke
  13. Does not womanize
  14. Does not drink
  15. Romantic
Be rest assured that there are many men out there with these features, but ow many ladies have similar features in them toward building a stronger family bond in marriage.

The 15 points are what women need in a man, but how many young ladies can in turn give out these features for a better relationship.


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