Okoloba/Okuama Communal Crisis Deepens as Nigerian Army Arrive Community with Warship

The recent communal crisis in Delta riverine area of Ughelli South and Bomadi LGAs between Okuama and Okoloba has resulted into major disaster as part of Okuama community has been razed down by the Nigerian Army.

The land dispute issue surfaced in January this year and this led to the capturing of Okuama indigenes by the Okoloba youth, using military camouflage to intimate Okuama community.

The Delta communal crisis between Okuama & Okoloba has resulted into major disaster as the Nigerian Army is set to raze down Okuama community.

Notable Ijaw youth and leaders have been fingered behind this destructive act using military weapons to attack a neighbouring community because of land dispute.

It is necessary to state here that the government of the day is not aware of the underground work been done by the Ijaw sons in the Nigerian armed forces using their power and resources to intimate the Urhobo community (Okuama) which they said have led to the death of about 15 army officers as reported in the news media.

The crisis has claimed many lives which are not reported in the media, except the recent killing of an army officer by the Okuama community youth.

The Delta state government under the leadership of Gov. Sheriff Oborevwori and the Tinubu APC led government should investigate thoroughly the incident that led to the crisis and the dubious roles the youth and leaders have played during this tempestuous moment where indigenes have fled from their own native country home.

As we speak, there is no single soul in the land of Okuama community, they have all fled as the Nigeria Army arrived the community with warship to raze down the community.

It is sadden that leaders of thought ar still clamouring for destruction and possession of community that have existed for decades, using the military as a weapon, and neglecting the economic situation the government of the day is finding hard to build and restructure.

Let give peace a chance and let the communities involved in this crisis reason together and forge ahead for a better tomorrow.

Recall that James Ibori fought for the peace of Warri during its communal crisis when he was the executive governor of Delta state, but the consequences are yet to be overcome till date. That led to the relocation of major oil well to Rivers state.

Peace is priceless, war is costly!

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