Overcoming Social Injustice

Injustice has become a social norm in our democratic system of government, and the effects are gradually destroying the rule of law.
Our current system of leadership requires various reforms and people saddle with implementation of such reforms must be devoid of injustice, tribalism and nepotism.
If we must make things work better and progressive, then our leaders and stakeholders must be ready to live by example.
Reforms and prevailing laws must be inline with current societal needs and value, toward achieving an enabling environment of peace and progress.
The level of injustice in the various arms and tiers of government are the elements killing the reform system, and progressive leadership is not attainable.
One of the practical effects of social injustice in our society today is high level of insecurity and economic degredation.
Remember, when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.
Many of our leaders today ought not to be in politics, pride and ego brought them. They have nothing to offer, no single input in their years in office, except to steal and destroy the system.
True leaders are lacking in our democratic system of government, and this is the major reason why they can’t control the economy.
Let do the needful for us to enjoy the dividend of democracy, and avoid the consequential pain attached to wrong leadership.


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