Consequential Effects of Domestic Violence


It has psychological effects on homes, especially children who are primary victims of the negative influence of domestic violence.

Here are some of the causes of domestic violence

  1. Substance Abuse: Drug abuse can escalate tension and trigger violent behaviour among adults.
  2. Mental Health: Untreated mental health conditions can contribute to violent outbursts and aggression.
  3. Socioeconomic Factors: Stress related to financial hardships and unemployment can exacerbate conflict within the home.
  4. Cultural and Social Norms: Traditional gender roles and societal attitudes towards violence may perpetuate abusive behaviour in the household.
  5. Power and Control: The abuser seeks to assert control and power over the victim through intimidation, manipulation, and coercion.
  6. Environmental Influence: Growing up in an environment where violence is normalized can perpetuate the cycle of abuse to children and neighbours.
domestic violence

It’s important to address these factors to prevent and combat domestic violence in our homes and society. The consequential effect of domestic violence has damaging and lasting ripples in affected households and children.

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