How to Monetize Fashion Skills

Fashion has become one of the largest entertainment hub in Africa with innovative and skill development.

Fashion skills can be monetize and fashion designers can generate millions in revenue on a yearly basis.

The following steps will boost your ability to monetize your fashion skills.

  1. Build fashion library – Take time to keep track of your fashion work on a daily basis. Either by recording or taking good shots of them. The videos and pictures of your daily work are treasures at your disposal.
  2. Online access – Take time to learn some internet basic skills, especially on social media handles and best practices.
  3. Marketing skill – The ability to market the treasures in your fashion library should not be taken for granted.
  4. Gadgets – Buy some basic gadgets like smart phone, battery backup, external drives, camera or video recorders and other accessories that will enhance your work.
  5. Set up Team – Let your apprentice or staff assist you in building your fashion library and managing of social media platforms.
  6. Social platforms – Set up some of the basic platforms you will engage. Instagram, Facebook, X, YouTube, Tiktok and others.
  7. Customer relation – Develop and build customer relationship to enhance and grow your online presence.
  8. Earning channels – Take time to learn the monetisation guidelines in each of the social media platforms, you intend to engage.

You can setup and generate tangible income from your fashion skills, if you practice and follow the steps outline above.


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