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Likely examination questions and answers for teachers recruitment exercise CBT test. These are questions and answers for online CBT screening test quiz.

Question: 1
A student struggles with a math problem that requires applying a new formula. The most effective approach would be to:
Answer: Guide the student through the steps of solving a similar problem.

Question 2: You notice a group of students consistently disrupts the class. How can you effectively address this behavior while maintaining a positive learning environment ?
Answer: Privately address the students, understand the cause of disruption,
and work on a solution together.

Question 3: A student misinterprets a question on a test. The best course of action is to:
Answer: Privately clarify the question with the student.

Question: 4
A class of 30 students uses 2 tablets per group for project work. If there
are enough tablets for 6 groups, how many tablets are available ?
Answer: 12

Question: 5
A student struggles to read aloud in class. The most helpful approach would be to:
Answer: Offer alternative ways to participate (e.g., presentations).

Question: 6
Student A consistently scores high on multiple-choice tests but struggles with essay writing. Student B performs well in both multiple-choice and essay formats. What can you infer about their learning styles ?
Answer: Student A excels at memorization, while Student B has stronger analytical skills.

Question: 7
A teacher wants to assess the effectiveness of a new teaching method. Analytical thinking would be used to:
Answer: Design a data collection plan to measure results.

Question: 8
A student approaches you with a personal issue that is impacting their ability to learn. How can you demonstrate leadership in this situation ?
Answer: Listen actively, offer empathy and connect the student with relevant resources (e.g., counselor, support services).

Question: 9
A news article reports on a new government initiative to improve access to basic
education in rural areas. The stated goal of the initiative is most likely to:
Answer: Reduce poverty and improve social mobility.

Question: 10
A student misuses a vocabulary word in a written assignment. The most effective approach is to:
Answer: Privately explain the correct meaning and usage of the word in context.

Question: 11
The school wants to build a rectangular vegetable garden with a fixed perimeter of 60 meters. If the length is twice the width, what is the area of the garden in square meters ?
Answer: 200

Question: 12
A Smart School with solar panels experiences a power outage during the day. What can we analyze to determine the cause ?
Answer: The functionality of the solar panels

Question: 13
A synonym for the word “facilitate” is:
Answer: Expedite

Question: 14
You are explaining a new concept to the class. How can you gauge student
understanding throughout the lesson ?
Answer: Use open-ended questions, polls, or short activities to check for comprehension.

Question: 15
A scientific article discusses the impact of climate change on various ecosystems. The main purpose of the article is likely to be:
Answer: Explain the causes and consequences of climate change.

Question: 16
A Smart School in Ibadan has 30 tablets for its 6th-grade class. If each class has 25 students, how many tablets will be available per student on average (rounded to the nearest whole number) ?
Answer: 1

Question: 17
A passage describes the advantages and disadvantages of social media for teenagers. The main idea is likely to be:
Answer: Social media offers benefits and risks for teens.

Question: 18
During a group project, one student consistently dominates discussions and takes
over most of the work. How can you effectively address this situation ?
Answer: Assign individual roles within the group and hold each member accountable.

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