Health is Wealth


A body free of sickness and diseases is said to be healthy, and the state of a healthy mind is wealth.

Staying healthy and maintaining its overall wellbeing is wealth of the body. Life without good health is pain and absence of peace of mind.

Health is wealth symbolises the quality and state of our body  without sickness and diseases. Sickness and diseases are status of unhealthy body, and victims will continue to spend much to stay healthy.

When people spend their hard earned money on unhealthy related issue, it connotes wasteful spending. The implication of wasteful spending is reduction in your financial stability.

The most productive mind is the most healthy body.

Healthy people spend their money on human basic needs: food, shelter and clothing. Other form of spending includes buying luxuries goods and other gainful spending.

Some spending are gainful, while others are wasteful. What you spend to stay healthy is gainful, but what to spend to treat unhealthy body is wasteful.

Eating good and quality food bring about health and the opposite is sickness and diseases.

Ways to Stay Healthy

  1. Eating good balanced diet at the right time.
  2. Drinking of water regularly. At least eight litres of water daily.
  3. Regular medical checkup to check your vitals, that is; blood pressure, sugar level and others.
  4. Routine exercise – it can be weekly or daily.
  5. Enough sleep – regular sleep has an important influence on the health of the body.
  6. Fruits – Apart from eating balanced diet, taking fruits regularly can have a positive impact on your body.
  7. Avoid strenuous and dangerous task. Work that can affect the body health status after a long period of time.
  8. Drugs Abuse: Taking of alcohol and other illicit drugs have a compounding effects on the body.
  9. Avoid wrong food: Some food are age related, while others respond to our body system differently.

For instance, people above 50 years of age are not advised to eat meat, except fish. Also, some food causes stomach upset when consumed.

The state of your body depends on the quality of your nutrition.

Classes of Food

To stay healthy and to maintain the wealth of the body. Take a look at the classes of food.

  1. Carbohydrates – energy giving food.
  2. Protein – body building food.
  3. Fats and Oil.
  4. Vitamins. Mineral salt.
  5. Water.

The phrase ‘health is wealth’ has been used for decades to propagate the impact of good food on our body.

Effects of Junk Food – Regular intake of junk food have negative influence on our immune system.

Also, high sugar level have a tremendous and damaging impact on our body.

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