Make Extra Income with Gotel Africa


Extra income is made when you register and invest in Gotel Africa, an online investment platform.

Invest with Gotel Africa and make 50% of your investment on a monthly basis.

Made extra income with Gotel Africa, an health based online platform that provide safe and profitable investment plan.

To join, kindly click the invitation link and register

Register: Provide your real information during registration; full name, active email address and mobile phone number.

Check available products: On the dashboard, navigate to products to see the different products, their prices, daily earning, profit and duration.

Recharge: To buy any of the available products, you need to recharge your wallet account. Click recharge and follow the payment process.

Pay to the account and screenshot your  payment receipt. Upload back to the payment page for admin confirmation.

Invest: After recharge is successful, the amount should be reflecting in your wallet.

Visit the products catalogue and invest by selecting the products paid for, using recharge wallet or balance.

Earn and Withdraw: After investment is placed, check account page to see your asset, daily earning, balance, withdraw and other summary.

You will be getting daily income for the next 30 days, inclusive of your initial deposit.

In Gotel Africa, withdrawal is once a week. It’s your choice to withdraw weekly or monthly.

You earn 50% of your investment monthly. i.e. if you invest N50,009, you earn N25,000. Total N75,000.

Team Income: You earn commission through the people you refer to the platform, and it is called team income.

Below are screenshots of the various views of the Gotel Africa online business platform

Team income

Useful Tabs in Gotel Africa

1. Account – to see account summary

2. Products – to see list of products and their prices.

3. Refer a friend – use this to see invitation code and invitation link.

4. Order – list of active and expired products.

5. Transaction – summary of recharge, withdraws and earnings.

6. Withdrawal – use this tab to place withdrawal

7. Withdrawal password – generate password for safe withdrawal in your email inbox or spam folder.

8. Bank account – add receiving account bank details

9. Recharge – pay into Gotel Africa account when paying for product.

10. Team – earn commission from people who registered through your link.

Invitation Code: Visit and register using Oop6hQBNoS as invitation code.

Wise Investment

Invest wisely, and use your profits to re-invest to make your  profits. Gotel Africa is NEVER a get rich scheme, not a Ponzi scheme, but an health platform partnering with Greenlife International company.

For enquiry, visit or call +2348080482194

Gotel Africa cares!

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