Organised Labour Shut Down Power, Airline Operations

National Grid and Airline

Organised labour has shut down power and airline operations as strike action begins today.

The Nigerian Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress in a statement notifies all affiliate body to join the nationwide strike with effect from Monday 3rd June, 2024.

Transmission Company of Nigeria
According to NTA news, the Transmission Company of Nigeria says the organised labhas shut down the national grid, resulting in a blackout as a nationwide strike begins.

TCN in a statement states that the national grid shutdown occurred at about 2.19 am Monday, 3rd June 2024.

The shutdown started from the Benin transmission operator to other substations in Ganmo, Benin, Ayede, Olorunsogo, Akangba and Osogbo.

TCN also says power generating units from different generating stations were forced to shut down some units of their generating plants.

At about 3.23 am Monday, however, TCN says it has commenced grid recovery, using the Shiroro Substation to attempt to feed the transmission lines supplying bulk electricity to the Katampe Transmission Substation.

TCN assures that it will sustain efforts in recovering and stabilizing the grid to ensure the restoration of normal bulk transmission of electricity to distribution load centres nationwide.


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