US Court Convicts President Biden’s Son, Hunter after 2wks of Trump Historic Drama

Hunter Biden and Trump

United States has witnessed an unprecedented two weeks of legal drama that yielded historic convictions of a former president and a sitting president’s son, Hunter.

The survival of the rule of law in America and untainted justice may depend on the choice voters make in November as reported by CNN.

The country’s divergent possible paths under President Joe Biden or presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump were highlighted in the way both men, their families and their political operations reacted to the twin trials and verdicts.

CNN reports that the U.S. President Joe Biden embraces his grandson, Beau Biden, as his daughter-in-law, Melissa Cohen Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, who earlier in the day was found guilty on all three counts in his criminal gun charges trial, stand by after the president arrived at the Delaware Air National Guard Base in New Castle, Delaware, U.S., June 11, 2024.

“I will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal,” the president said after the jury found his son guilty of lying on a federal background check form and possessing a gun while addicted to, or using, illegal drugs.

The Hunter Biden verdict also contradicted the central rationale of Trump’s multiple legal defenses in his four criminal cases, several civil matters and his entire presidential campaign. This is the false notion that he is a victim of a weaponized legal system by a Justice Department that exclusively targets Republicans.

“So much for the weaponization of the Justice Department to go after just the enemies of the other side,” Michael Zeldin, a former senior Justice Department official and federal prosecutor, said on CNN Max on Tuesday. “This is testament to the fact the Justice Department under (Attorney General Merrick) Garland is trying its very best to steer straight down the middle as it should and bring people to trial that it thinks are worthy of prosecution.”

The notion of Justice Department neutrality was bolstered by post-trial comments from David Weiss, the Trump-appointed US attorney in Delaware whom Garland elevated to special counsel to avoid the impression of political bias. Weiss thanked the attorney general for allowing him to act independently. And, he added, in a coda to two fraught weeks that have dragged the justice system into toxic political waters, that “no one in this country is above the law. Everyone must be accountable for their actions, even this defendant.” However, Weiss added: “Hunter Biden should be no more accountable than any other citizen convicted of this same conduct.”

Julian Zelizer, a Princeton University history professor and CNN political analyst, said the criminal convictions of Trump and Hunter Biden reflected the huge stakes in November’s election. “Not only is (Joe Biden) saying, the decision is also one that comes from the courts, he’s not saying he’s going to use presidential power to somehow issue a pardon. And you contrast that with the former president who’s attacked the legal system. He’s questioned its legitimacy.” Zelizer added: “Voters will have to make a choice. What kind of response do they want? And what kind of person do they want in the Oval Office come January of 2025?”

The idea that the Justice Department is only going after Republicans is not just belied by the Hunter Biden conviction in the gun case and a looming tax trial that awaits him in September. Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey is on trial in New York for bribery and corruption. The Justice Department in May indicted another well-known Democrat, Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas, and his wife for allegedly accepting around $600,000 from Azerbaijan’s state-owned oil firm and a Mexican bank in exchange for official acts as a member of Congress. Both Democrats have maintained their innocence.

“The Republicans are attacking our entire system of justice and the rule of law because they don’t like the way one case came out. Whereas the son of the president of the United States is prosecuted and I don’t hear a single Democrat crying foul,” the Maryland Democrat said.

Yet one lesson of the Trump-era is that the truth rarely matters. The revealing of inconvenient facts never penetrates the echo chamber that dominates Republican politics and conservative media. So rather than being chastened by the collapse of the Trump persecution narrative and the successful application of the rule of law in a criminal trial, Trump supporters in Congress merely used the Biden verdict to conjure a new round of falsehoods and conspiracy theories.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer said the Delaware trial was “a step toward accountability.” But the Kentucky Republican warned that Justice Department officials were continuing to “cover for the Big Guy, Joe Biden.” Comer repeated accusations that the president had profited from his son’s ethically questionable business operations in Ukraine and China while his father was vice president despite the failure of his committee and the House GOP impeachment probe to find any such evidence.

“We will continue to demand accountability for the corrupt business dealings of the Biden family,” said the Louisiana Republican, a firm supporter of Trump despite the ex-president’s loss in a recent civil case that found that he, his adult sons and his organization had committed massive insurance and banking fraud. Stephen Miller, Trump’s former White House domestic policy adviser, argued that the Justice Department had actually shown favoritism toward Hunter Biden by not charging him with 50 felonies over foreign influence peddling. The department should “tell him his only way out of life in prison is to testify against the BIG GUY,” Miller said on X.

Some of the GOP reaction to Biden becoming a convicted felon was bizarre. One of Trump’s most fervent supporters, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, baselessly suggested on X that a verdict produced by a jury of his peers was some kind of elaborate plot. “Hunter Biden just became the Deep State’s sacrificial lamb to show that Justice is ‘balanced’ while the other Biden crimes remain ignored,” she wrote on X.

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