Liberia President Cuts his own Salary by 40%

Joseph Boakai of Liberia

A step towards responsible governance in Liberia by President Joseph Boakai led government.

Liberian President Joseph Boakai has announced he will be taking a 40% cut to his salary in order to show “responsible governance” and “solidarity” with the people of Liberia. BBC report

Government salaries have been under scrutiny as Liberians face rising living costs, with one-in -five people living on less than $2 (£1.70) a day.

President Boakai’s predecessor George Weah took a 25% salary cut while in power.

How Responsible is the Government of the day is the questions Liberians are asking. They want to know and see the level of transparency in the government of the day.

Anderson D. Miamen, of the centre of transparency and accountability in Liberia says, we just hope that the public will clearly see where the deductions will go and how they will be used to positively impact the lives of the people.

Similarly, most African countries are currently experience economy downgrading as in the case of Liberia. What measures are they taking to curb the increasing food scarcity and other essential commodities in the countries.

How effective is their control measures and its impact in the lives of the populace. This is a common questions leaders at the national, state and local government levels should be asking themselves. This is a step toward a responsible government in the continent.

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