Supreme Court Bars State Governors from Collecting LG Allocations


The Supreme Court has, today, delivered judgement in the case brought to it against the 36 state Governors by the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led Federal Government.

The judgment delivered by the Apex court in the country today states as follows:

1. The court held that it is illegal for Governors to dissolve democratically elected Local Governments.

2. It orders the Federal Government to henceforth withhold allocations to Local Governments governed by unelected officials appointed by the Governor.

3. The apex court barred the Federal Government from further paying LG allocations through the State Governments since the practice has been abused by Governors.

Henceforth, allocations will be paid to the local governments directly with interference by governors.

State governors no longer have the power to dissolve elected council chairmen and councilors in Nigeria.

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