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2023 Nigerian General Elections Manifestos

The manifestos' of APC, PDP, AAC and Labour party political parties in Nigeria in the 2023 General Elections.

Princewill Chidiebere Ekeke Biography, Net worth & Career Profile

Princewill Chidiebere Ekeke is a passionate Nigerian politician and deputy governorship candidate of the AAC party in the 2023 general elections in Nigeria.

Finecountry Iyioku AAC Abia State House of Assembly candidate 2023

Finecountry Iyioku is the African Action Congress party State House of Assembly candidate in the 2023 Nigerian General Election in Abia State.

Bond Oluchukwu Ohuche Abia State Governorship Candidate 2023

Bond Oluchukwu Ohuche is the AAC governorship candidate in the 2023 General Election under the African Action Congress party in Abia State, Nigeria.

African Action Congress (AAC) Party

The African Action Congress (AAC) is a political party creating a unifying political platform in Nigeria at the national, state and local government level.